Want To Boost Buyer Confidence? Try A Testimonial

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Buyer testimonials are an ideal way to boost customer confidence!

It’s one thing for you to tell a potential customer how wonderful you are, but it’s another thing entirely when someone without ‘skin in the game’ gives you a recommendation.

What is a Third-Party Review?

In its simplest form, a third-party review is an unbiased testimonial about your service or work that you’ve performed.

Where Can You Get Third-Party Reviews?

You can get great third-party reviews from:

  • Your customer service department (they can share comments from satisfied customers);
  • The comments section of your company website;
  • Your company’s Facebook page;
  • Other social media platforms belonging to your company (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.,).

How Can Third-Party Reviews Help?

Third-party reviews tell potential customers that they are not alone in their pursuit of quality. But more than that, they:

  • Build Trust

By providing space on your website for customers to leave a brief comment or testimonial, you’re telling everyone you’re confident in your product, and you welcome their comments. Your confidence inspires trust, and so do the satisfied customer remarks about your excellent service.

  • A Testimonial Can Help Customers Determine What’s Hot – and What’s Not!

Third-party reviews are great ways to know which of your products or services are in demand, and which ones are less than exciting. If one product is getting all the comments, you know you’ve got a winner. Have a service that’s never been reviewed? You may want to consider pulling in from your inventory list.

  • They Help You Get Noticed by Search Engines, Like Google

Third-party reviews are typically keyword rich, and that means search engines like them and direct more traffic to your site! More traffic means more customers. And it’s free. You really can’t do better than that!

Another way third-party reviews help is by reducing perceived risk associated with your business. When a client is in the initial stages of entering into a contract with you, they’re trying to determine if they’re making the right choice. This is the point when they will start to consider the perceived risks:

  • Financial: Is this worth what I’ll be paying?
  • Physical: Is the quality safe? Are the workers bonded?
  • Functional: Will this product or service do what I need?

Testimonials are a natural defense against very real concerns.

A customer who leaves a comment or a review about how long-lasting your work is, how worthwhile the experience was, not only reassures a potential client but also assists in the conversion of that potential into actual. Reviews that address money well spent or comfort and safety of the work performed are invaluable to undecided shoppers.

The simple, straightforward appeal of a recommendation from another person remains one of the most potent tools in sales. And as life on the internet gets more and more chaotic with increased competition for consumer attention, the third-party review reigns as king. Nothing beats a personal recommendation, even today.

If you don’t have a comments section on your company website, consider adding one. Or open up your Facebook page to allow customers to add their remarks. You’ll be happy that you did!

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